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Exfm is a social music discovery platform powered by thousands of music sites across the web. An endless feed of great music lives at the Exfm Website as well as on slick mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Exfm also boasts powerful browser extensions to play any website containing music and a powerful widget for publishers.

Exfm was founded in March 2010 in New York City.

The exfm team

Dan Kantor

Founder / CEO @dankantor

Marshall Jones

Founder / Creative Director @majman

Jonathan Marmor

Software Developer @jonathanmarmor

Jessica Page

Community & Marketing @jpage

Our Investors

Spark Capital

Current investments: Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare


Current investments: AirBnb, Path, Bitly

Founder Collective

Current investments: Codeacademy, Ifttt, Makerbot

Get in touch

Office Address

199 Lafayette Street, Suite 303
New York, NY 10012


Web Application

The Exfm site allows you to create a profile and find and share the music you love with everyone. You can search for songs or browse by genre. The Tastemaker’s section features a curated pool of music from top music bloggers around the world. The Trending section houses the pulse of what’s happening daily across Exfm and the Explore section features hand-curated new sites and albums every day. Learn more

iPhone Application

The Exfm iPhone app features everything found on the website plus ’Smart Shuffle’ which learns and adapts to your listening habits. You can see what your friends are listening to in real-time and look for songs, sites and other people with blazing fast autocomplete search. Learn more

Android Application

Exfm for Android sports all the features of the website as well as integration with all the songs located on your device. Learn more

Chrome Extension

The Exfm Chrome extension runs quietly in the background gathering all the music you come across as you browse. You can easily listen to and share all the music you find. Learn more

Site Player Widget

The Exfm site player widget is for bloggers who want to provide the easiest, slickest way to play back music on their site. It supports MP3’s, Soundcloud embeds, Bandcamp and more. It works on all platforms including Tumblr, Wordpress and Blogger. Learn more

The word on the street

“Exfm is definitely becoming a terrific multi-platform, multi-browser, social resource for collecting and sharing the Web's pervasive free music.”
“Exfm is out with a new iPhone app that deftly blends expert curation with friends' suggestions for truly immersive music discovery.”
“Go play with Exfm, an interesting start-up that plays off Google's Chrome browser.”
“This isn't just exciting news for music bloggers. It has the potential to change every audiophile's methods of music hunting.”
“For anyone who spends a lot of time online discovering new music, it's a terrific tool.”
“But Exfm actually changed how I think of Web browsing, blurring the line between offline and online in a very seductive way.”

What people are saying

Completely obsessed with!!!
If I Die Tomorrow I Wanna Die Listening To New Music On Exfm, On My First Kinda-Official Day Of Vacations :] notwastingtimenow :D
@exfm It's the cleanest and most beautiful, really - the best way to explore music + share (especially on Tumblr).
I've said it once and I'll say it again, all music lovers out there looking for new shizzle: make @exfm your first port of call. is great! Discovered so much great new music there. Gotta love it
I don't know how I lived before @exfm #music
@exfm your browser and iOS UI are sexy as hell and I love you
@exfm guys are rocking so hard right now. Their iPhone app, and in browser support is so good it hurts!
Loving @exfm, my favorite new music app. Great for discovery, my new fav band: North Highlands thx @reece for the rec. is quickly becoming my favorite place to find new music. The iPhone app is killer too
I have just discovered the @exfm Chrome extension. I literally might cry with joy. is my new favorite music site. Love their mashup section!
Just discovered THE BEST Extension on Google Chrome...exfm :) Music to my ears!
@exfm is a fantastic platform, that every music blog must use! Thanks for the fantastic service!
ok mind blown. with a browser extension I have a distributed music library based on my browsing
I'll say it again @exfm is the best music discovery site/ app out there. You can now search for music. It is a great way to find blogs too.